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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 14, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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you guys are busy. thank you so much for being here. happy valentine's day to you and thank you so much, scott, mattie, dagen and i will have a great week, we will see you later. dagen: you too. maria: stuart, take it away from here. stuart: i will do you a favor. good morning, maria, good morning, everyone, happy valentine's day to one and all. 262 days to the election and we start with notes from the campaign trail, remember, please, your money is at stake, start with joe biden holds fundraiser inside new york city outside they were shooting drop out, joe. morning consult poll shows biden now second in national poll, 10 points behind bernie sanders who now leads, mike bloomberg has apologized for stop and frisk
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policy while mayor is trying to get the minority vote. by the way, third in morning consult poll. and then there's this, bernie sanders, you think he looks sheepish on the flight there, why sheepish, because the socialist was flying first class, let's get to the market, nice way to open the show on valentine's day i think, a long weekend coming up. some traders on wall street are going to be thinking, wait a minute, do i want to hold stocks over long weekend, i can't fix anything until tuesday morning, who knows what will happen with the virus, in advance of that, we have the dow down just a point, not much movement there, s&p down 2, nasdaq, i'm sorry, s&p up 2, nasdaq up 14. all right, now this, china continues to report a surge in new cases and deaths from the
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virus. 121 deaths, chilling number for you, 1,716 medical workers affected since virus erupted in china, 6 of them have died. carnival cruise lines have canceled 18 cruises in asia, let's get on with it, it's friday, varney & company is about to begin. ♪ ♪ what are you going to say to the audience? >> that's rubbish. stuart: inferior sport. fantastic sport. >> you are going to watch? stuart: nordic plays liverpool. stuart: we thought we would play
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that for you, in the past i have been down on nascar and down on daytona 500 and i will take it all back because our president is going to daytona 500, thoroughly taking it back and we have president of board of patrol council brandon judd, tulsi gabbard is on the show and steve hilton altogether on the show show today, check the futures real fast, minor lost for the dow, modest gain for s&p and nasdaq, let's get to china and the virus, gordon chang is with us today. phase 1 begins, does virus affect phase 1? >> it certainly does, on february 6th, editor controlled by u.s. daily, also on the same
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day you have foreign ministry, looks like a staged a question during press briefing on the same budget. by the way, you had the chinese national oil corporation invoke forcement on l&g purchase contract and they are saying we will have nothing to do with it. they'll be controversy as well, beijing wants to get out of this. one thing to remember, stuart, you shouldn't listen what the chinese are saying about the coronavirus. chinese signed the deal on january 15th when they knew about the severity of the outbreak. so they knew what was going on, they signed it anyway, they shouldn't get relief. stuart: okay, now, would you say that china is really struggling to control this outbreak? >> yes, it is. the numbers that you read, those are official numbers and for a number of reasons, they, i think, understate the severity of what's going on, first of all
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there's deliberate falsification because the narrative is that they can try to control it. a number of localities they lost ability to count bodies, you put that altogether, seems like the numbers don't give us a full picture of what's happening. stuart: perhaps more numbers will emerge this weekend, maybe. >> maybe, over a period of time we will see what's actually occurring in china and we can make assessment whether those numbers make sense or not, the stories that we have heard show a much more severe situation than the official statistics would lead you to believe. stuart: could this break china's economy, severe impact? >> yeah, certainly. anything is on the table right now. oil demand is off 20% year on year, so, you know, you are starting to see all of the events that will be held in
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china for foreigners coming in. those have all been canceled. the fair which is the major exposition for chinese exporters, the april session has been canceled. that's an indication that chinese leaders don't think this is going to be solved by april and you have quarantines and all sorts of lockdowns an other parts of china being outside of province, so, you know, the chinese say they can stimulate it but they really can't for a number of reasons. stuart: ouch, gordon chang, thanks for being with us on a very important day. let's get to your money again, slightly lower, slightly higher or nasdaq. all the commentary about politics and wall street focuses on well, what happens to the stock market if the democrats win, let's turn that around; what do you think happens to the stock market if donald trump wins a second term? >> well, first of all, i have to thank you, you were so kind to give me big box of chocolates, i
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don't think i can eat all at once. stuart: what, what? what's that from? >> i thought you -- i got this big becomes of chocolates. i guess it wasn't, all right. stuart: there isn't a generous bone in my body, jonathan, get on with it. >> let's start politics, the fact of the matter a lot of people predicted the stock market would crash under president trump, of course, it hasn't done that, when you look at history, no correlation between a political party and strong stock market, jimmy carter had a better market than gerald ford and ronald reagan had a much better market than kennedy, there's a correlation, strong correlation between prosperity, stuart, and economic freedom, political freedom and the democrats even the michael bloomberg and buttigieg, supposed centrist, education, health care, energy, sort of the
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extent the policies are enacted inevitably they always fail and they are the ones that drag down economic growth and economic at large. stuart: i think you're right, quick prediction from you, when do we hit 30,000 on the dow in. >> only a couple from the 30,000, nasdaq is overbought as we have seen it in decades and even the s&p has had a bang-up 2019 and 2020, i think we will hit 30,000 but as we say now a great time to get your financial house in order, given how far and how far the market has come. stuart: all right, jonathan, sorry, it wasn't me that sent the chocolate. >> i will enjoy them regardless. stuart: yes, you will. a federal judge has ordered the pentagon, stop work on the jed icloud computing that's award today amazon. lauren: it is a win for amazon, $10,000,000,000.10-year contract to modernize the troops and a
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federal judge issuing this injunction essentially siding in the limited way with amazon, amazon's argument here is, look, president trump is bias against our company and ceo jeff bezos who also owns the washington post which is political of him and the personal beliefs are affecting political decisions, so the pentagon says the biggest loss for this is the troops who want that technology to improve their capabilities. stuart: i can see that entirely. microsoft having hit 190 i think last week because of jedi shift right there. individual stocks that are moving, roku, rosy forecast, nice increase in revenue, look at them go, up 8%. expedia, they reported strong profits, they layed out a cost-cutting plan, the market loves that kind of stuff, they are up 12% and tesla, they are going to sell $2 billion worth
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of stock, i think 767 is the price they are selling at, the market for tesla stock right now is down, 3%, you are down 26 bucks at 777. overall, we have now turned around just a little, fractional gains for dow, s&p and nasdaq at the opening bell this morning. health care, that was supposed to be the democrats' strongest issue, wasn't it, they are all over the place on it, even aoc is admitting that bernie sanders may have to scrap the medicare for all policy. how about that? we are on it. from the failing impeachment to the disastrous iowa caucus, things are looking pretty positive for the president, tammy bruce joins us next hour, she's written an article saying february will be known as the month when the president got reelected, dramatic stuff, michael bloomberg a new way to attract new millennials, and he's paying for them, we will explain it all after this.
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♪ ♪ stuart: parent company of sharpy, the dow down 7% on that, we have nvidia, they said they could take hit on virus but their cloud is doing well, you do well with the cloud, up you go. 6% higher for nvidia who has had a terrific run recently. let's figure out how virus is affecting retailers, gerald, our retail guy because he's good at it, can you summarize the impact of retail because of this virus? >> i don't think the impact to have virus should affect equity prices even a little bit that's because i have confidence in fleesability of capitalism and also confidence in our medical system and the quality that we have here, in the short-term
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there won't be much affect on retail at all, people are still going out and shopping, the only people that might be affected luxury store that might lose the chinese tourist who have been driving sales on fifth avenue, most retails will be fine in the near term. not yet and china may get back to work, even if they don't, like the tariff discussion that we had earlier last year, u.s. retailers will respond, they will be flexible, they'll find alternative sources, a few different categories, by in large no affect at all. in the medium term, and a lot of people get sick, you could have affect in short-term during that period. people like department stores will hit harder as more
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consumers shop in the internet because you don't have to go out and meet other people when you shop on the internet. in the long-term, we will have treatments, vaccines for this, nothing is going to happen, the only thing you will see china will get hurt because yet one more reason to diversify your sourcing away from china. stuart: let me summarize it like this, not much impact on u.s. retailers from the virus, i think i could say that from you, right? yes. >> i would agree. stuart: we got the report 8:30 eastern time, retail sales in january up 0.3%, that doesn't mean much to me, what does it tell you? >> well, it's a continuation of the trend that we have seen before, what i look at are year over year sales which are up continuing the healthy pattern that we have seen for over a year now, almost 2 years now where consumers on fire, they are spending their money, some sub numbers in there, department stores, again, very weak, e-commerce is strong, some
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people in stories made a lot of the fact that clothing sales, i wouldn't make anything out of that at all. a very warm january, also january is kind of a cleanup time for apparel, a lot of mark up and i wouldn't read too much in apparel number even though consumers are buying hard line than apparel stores. stuart: excellent summary of two basic questions we have to ask. mr. storch, you really are good at this. you can accept the complement. valentine's day, thank you, gerald, we will see you again really soon. [laughter] stuart: i'm trying to get into valentine's day kind of mood and it's not easy. lauren: it's hard, i'm with you. stuart: u.s. government charging hauwei. ashley: u.s. government accusing hauwei of deliberate and
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repeated theft of intellectual property of those companies who have offices within the united states, this suit goes as far as to say that the company launched a formal policy that gave bonuses to employee who is -- employees who obtained confidential information with competitors, this company has done work with iran and north korea, they tried to destroy and conceal the evidence of their doings in iran, this follows on the other story we had this week of the back door access, the claim that hauwei has, has an ability, if you like to get into the back door and look at people's information. stuart: america is going after hauwei. got it. now, billionaire candidates, i think we should call them the 60 billion-dollar man, mike bloomberg, i don't understand this, i'm told that he has flooded instagram with memes,
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advertising 2020 campaign. so, lauren, can you explain this to me? lauren: he's using 60 billion-dollar fortune to go where the voter is, the millennial, they are on instagram, i noticed these strolling through instagram, you'll see a miami, it's silly, once said something could you photo shop me in an image to look cool for democratic party and you see image of him in shorts, totally silly, it's either catchy and defective or awkward, but also effective. so people are liking this, we've never seen memes as far as i know in politics, presidential politics, and he's trying to go where that young voter is. it's catchy, people are seeing it or awkward and people are still seeing it and talking about it. stuart: i do understand. lauren: i give it an a, it's weird but people are talking about it and seeing it more importantly. stuart: what's the whole bowl of
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wax, that's what you want to do. ashley: wants to be cool. stuart: not reaching people like me on instagram but the millennials. lauren: he's got a lot of money. [laughter] stuart: moving on, we turn south for the dow, up 9 nasdaq, pretty flat i call it. president trump, well, he loves to talk about how much your 401(k)'s are going up under his administration. watch this. >> the 401(k)'s are doing unbelievably well. the stock market has reached all-time high, everybody is getting rich. stuart: i like that one, we have the numbers to back it up, we will show it to you right after this break.
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[ fast-paced drumming ] [ fast-paced drumming ]
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and my side super soft? yes! with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? no problem. ... and done. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36 months. ends monday >> 401(k)'s are doing unbelievably well. the market hit all-time high, 401(k)'s and jobs. [cheers and applause] >> i look at 401, who has 401(k)'s here, right?
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we have a stock market record, that to me is not stock market record, record for 401(k)'s. [cheers and applause] >> look at 401(k)'s, who is doing well with their 401(k)? stuart:let call that, this is the 401(k) block. i have the numbers from fidelity about the number of millionaires, people with 401(k)'s worth a million bucks. ashley: 441,000ira and 401 accounts have a balance of a million or more, that is a record, now, what about the average balance for the last quarter, the average balance was 112,300, that is up 7% from the last quarter, very quickly record number, 35% of employers automatically enroll workers into a savings account, i snow stu, that's something that you're very keen on and it's having an impact.
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>> excellent, excellent. that gives lie to the idea that the stock market rally doesn't help everybody. ashley: also going up. >> dow will be up 11 points at the opening bell and we will take you right there after this.
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stuart: there you, clapping, cheering, and the bell will ring and this market will open in 10 second time, altogether, if the bell stops ringing, the markets start, we are up, quick check, please, the dow has opened with a gain, very modest gain, we are up 15 points right there. it's a roughly even split winners and losers, not exactly a stiller opening on a friday morning. >> muted. stuart: thank you there, nice valentine's day to you too. all right, check s&p 500 please, where is that? 3 points, not much. s&p up on the 8 points. where is that? down, that's good.
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that moans that money is out. ashley: no the way , no the other way around. stuart: price of gold, up 4 bucks, oil, what do we have there, we have $52 par barrel. >> now, if you look closely you will see that three major indicators are up 1% or more this week, david, that tells me the market, same-ole theme, the market just wants to go up, you're with me. >> absolutely. coronavirus in our markets is a no-show story. everyone tole us 2020 would be good and 2019, check, nasdaq up 10% in the first six weeks, more than 1% a week, even s&p 500 nearly up 5%, that's 1% a week,
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and so we can't stuff to go up but supported by the fundamentals here. 3-day weekend, susan, i presume they'll be chatter, what are they saying down there. >> the market will be telling today. do you want to pull into 3-day weekend, unknown, fluid events like the coronavirus, so far what i'm hearing i think it'll be cold at end of the day, we are trading at close levels, 5,000 new cases reported last night, 14,000 spike earlier this week and retail sales were not bad by the way for the month of january, industrial productions slightly worse than expected but overall if you take a look at the economy still going strong in the u.s. and earnings by the way have come out much better
9:33 am
than anticipated, 70% of the s&p has reported an you have seen profit grow 2% instead of falling 4.2% which was expected, the companies are still making a lot of money. >> susan, we will get back to you in just a second. i want to show you carnival cruise lines, this is something that i really could not understand because this thing was actually up yesterday, it's one of david deets stock picks, he's here to answer for that. as i understand it they will cancel 18 asian cruises, that would seem to take a big chunk out of their profitability, you still like them? >> absolutely. from an important point of view never waste a good crisis. trading at 10 times earnings, that means when you buy carnival today you are paying for the next 10-year's earnings, no one is saying the coronavirus is going to last more than 6 months to a year, if i can get a 16% pullback, hey, look, the reality is largest cruise company in the world and whenever there's a
9:34 am
crisis affecting the industry go, with the biggest, go with the best. stuart: to you it's a bounce-back stock, carnival cruise, i can see the logic there, southwest, they are canceling 400 daily summer flights because of the max jet still being grounded. that's the reason? >> this is the second summer the max, 737 max will not be flying southwest, they have the most, they have canceling over 370 flights per day through august, we said earlier this week, boeing is actually flying the jets but that does not mean they have faa approval, that does not mean pilots have been trained an does not mean that biggest customer is ready to fly them. >> that means higher ticket prices, not as many planes. stuart: i haven't been in a flight that's not jam-packed full. southwest stock is up not much but $58 a share. we like to follow tesla very carefully because they are all over the place, elon musk will
9:35 am
become the world's richest person in april if tesla's value stays at $100 billion, hey, susan, come back on this one, i don't get it, the richest man in the world if it stays at 100 billion value? >> the richest man in the world, i don't know if he's as rich as jeff bezos or bill gates, he's definitely wizard when it comes the boosting up stock price, check it out. $800 plus, they sold secondary offering at 6.5 million shares at discount 4 and a half percent. the stock should be falling, selling shares at discount, you're looking at stock up in the session, by the way, when you saw more shares that basically dilute the value of existing shares, that should make the stock fall as well, yesterday when the news came out the stock rallied at 5%, if there's a wizard for boosting up stock prices i think elon musk probably takes the cake, don't
9:36 am
you think? stuart: he will add a few billion to personal fortune, got it. check out microsoft, i believe they are down, 183, that's because of the interruption with the jedi pentagon contract, i have the viewer e-mail coming at us, mike writes this, hey, stu, bought microsoft at 150, that's not quite right, a bought it a lot low, you sold at 159, what are you going to sell next so i can buy it? just kidding, love your show, watch it every day. [laughter] lauren: wow. stuart: mike, that's not funny, i did not buy it at 150 and sell at 159 but i'm sorry i sold it at 159. i don't want any comment from anybody on that. ashley: too easy. stuart: too easy to have a go at me. don't take investment advice from me if i sell at 159 and leave a lot of money on the table, silly me. [laughter]
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stuart: roku up 8 bucks. lauren: disney online and apple and because of that roku added 4.6 million new users, raised their guidance for the full year by, they said revenue will come 42% higher in 2020, they are making money for advertising. stuart: do you think it's the streaming stock to buy? >> 40% share, we know everything is going to stream, the fundamentals look excellent. stuart: it's a box and put it on top of your set and it makes it easy. ashley: piece of cake. stuart: netflix has released trailer to one to have biggest shows. lauren: stranger things season 4, you can stream on roku. for the third season, they set a record in the first 4 days of viewing one of the metrics that they use, more than 40 million
9:38 am
people watched it, so they will do this again hopefully with season 4. stuart: how many people watched? >> 40.7 million people watched season 3. stuart: 40 million. lauren: as soon as it came out, they didn't all complete but started watching it. stuart: you get into the super bowl. lauren: exactly. stuart: really something. pinterest, facebook launched their own photo-sharing app. >> it was done quietly and unveiled in countries, colombia, belgium and spain. they are testing the waters but this would be a threat to pinterest, it's basically, you know, you share, your pictures and collection of photographs and all of this, which pinterest has done, pinterest reacted, well, we have looked at it, you know what, it looks back where
9:39 am
pinterest is something that we build on for the future trying to knock down the impact of this, but facebook has a habit of copying competitive's products and they are trying to take over. stuart: that's why they are up $213 per share. you like big tech, david? >> we will not see 1 point go up, fundamentals could never be better but you do have to pick your spots. stuart: i was right to take my money out of microsoft. ashley: you are like rain man with microsoft every 5 minutes. [laughter] stuart: that's it, almost 9:40 eastern time. check the big board, 21 points down for the dow industrials, looks like the media is not feeling the bern, watch this. >> the ongoing feeling among many women especially clinton
9:40 am
supporters that sanders supporters are bernie bros as they are called, i've had bullying tactics. there's a lot of pain left over from what happened with hillary clinton, there's a lot of underlying sexism going on. stuart: that's kind of interesting, the media bashing bernie, you don't see that very much, will that help, if the media bashes him, would that help his campaign, that's a fair question, isn't it? not too sure about it. what's old is new again, new approach by uber that allows you to call for a car the old-fashion way, live report to explain and i'm all in favor of this one. sources within the administration believe china is severely underreporting the cases and deaths of coronavirus, next we have a doctor on the show, i will ask what he thinks the real numbers are and we will be back.
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robinhood. stuart: it's kind of a go nowhere friday. you don't necessarily want to hold stocks 3 days so you can move them next tuesday. equifax, that's doing well apparently, equifax is up a buck 40, not a huge gain. mattel, stock is up a quarter, 1.7%, go figure, let's get back to coronavirus, more of that, 63,000 confirmed cases, anthony with the national institute of health with us now. doctor, welcome back, we value your information, do you believe that china is underreporting and if so why?
9:44 am
>> now, i actually don't think in the classic sense that they are underreporting, what happened a couple of days ago is that they realized that they were not reporting cases because there was a backup on the results to have laboratory test that confirms the coronavirus infection. so what they are doing they are making clinical diagnosis now and if you don't wait for the result of the test and when you have someone in front of you who clearly is a high probability of having coronavirus disease, they are now counting that, that's what we saw the big jump from 2 days ago where it was about 40,000 up now to 63, 64,000. but i think looking forward now, i don't think you'll be seeing underreporting in the classic sense. stuart: do you think that china has a real solid handle on the situation and is controlling the virus in the best possible way? >> well, you know, the best
9:45 am
possible way that they are able to possible with the underlying possible maybe that they still are not controlling it the way you would like it to be controlled. it's a very serious situation in china, they've done some rather dramatic things that are unprecedented in public health by locking down large cities including the 11 million person city of wuhan, i think they are doing all that they can but it is now up to this point not under control by any means. stuart: okay, can you confirm that cdc people are not allowed at this point, not allowed into wuhan, is that accurate, sir? >> they are not there now but what we are hearing is that americans have now been cleared to be part of the who team that will be there, but, you know, the proof is in the pudding, they are not there yet but we
9:46 am
are getting word that they are being cleared but we will see if in fact, they are allowed to go. stuart: okay, one last one. we are told that the 19 covert 19 is not as serious as sars and in 80% of case it is person who has got it doesn't need much medical attention if any, is that accurate? >> yes, that is, about 75 maybe 80% mortality of sars was 9 and 10%, the mortality for this infection is about 2%, however, this infection spreads much more efficiently and widely than sars , so there's the good and the bad, not as deadly where sars was deadly and not trance
9:47 am
-- transmittible. that's correct. that's the reason why we are doing the things that we are doing restricting traveling cases from china into the united states and when we get a case to make sure we do identification, isolation and thus far that has worked, let's hope it continues to work? >> yes, sir, dr. anthony, thank you very much for joining us, sir, appreciate it. >> good to be with you. stuart: yes, sir, individual stocks for you, we will start with kraft heinz this week, shoppers are skipping processed foods, long-term trend. >> do you have miracle whip in there if you can't pronounce the ingredients people might not want them.
9:48 am
i went shopping yesterday and i did buy valvetta mac and cheese and ceo said we do have the turnaround plan, we know we are struggling, stock is down 70% in 3 years but our turnaround plan is delayed by 2 months, investors don't like it and selling shares today. so everyone else seems to be getting into organic plant-base healthy, what is kraft heinz doing so far? stuart: in trouble. wal-mart shut down jet black personal shopping service. they shut it down. ashley: basically a text-base shopping service, you pay 600 bucks a year and you could have anything you wanted from any shop delivered, pucked up and delivered -- picked up delivered via text except fresh food, this
9:49 am
never caught on, i think they had less than a thousand customers last year and they were losing 15,000 per member, so this just did not fly at all. 300 of the 350 employees of the program unfortunately have been let go, so it didn't work. stuart: amazon does it better. ashley: yeah. stuart: check the dow 30, state of the dow for the moment, even split, winners and loser in the dow overall is now down a tinny, tinny, go nowhere friday. the iowa caucus chair steps down, next guest gets to grip the app after this when it comes to using data,
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stuart: interesting story from apple, a court in california has ruled that apple must pay workers in their stores for the time they spent getting their personal banks checked when they leave the store, that could cost apple millions of dollars in extra pay, legitimate court case, i think. iowa democrat party chair troy price, resigned because of the iowa caucus fiasco, now he's blaming coding issues for what happened, our next guest says he tested the iowa caucus app and
9:54 am
he found several stunning failures, ceo of now secure alan snyder is with us, briefly, straight to the point what did you find when you had a look at the app? >> what we found it was framework, down loaded and used the standard, they didn't do much else in what you would see typical security precautions, certainly not for something as personal a voting application. stuart: did they test it at all? >> it doesn't really appear, i mean, certainly from the results one would conclude that, no, they didn't, when you look at some of the things that were there, i'd say pretty certainly that they did not test it thoroughly enough, had they done so they would have found some of the issues, they would not have had the outcome that they had. if they would have had put it out way before the caucus,
9:55 am
wouldn't they open themselves of being hacked, secret, untested almost till the day of the caucus, isn't that why they did it? >> it's hard for me to say whey they did what they did, there are many different ways that you can do private testing, go and use other third-party labs such as, you know, using somebody like security, in my view that's not a really good answer for why you didn't do the appropriate process and testing to build the secure app and build app that fundamentally works the way they want it to work when they need it to work. stuart: was it destined to fail right from the get-go? >> when you look at the way it was defined, the way it was layed out, this is more of a people process problem, this is not a technology problem, poor use of technology. stuart: could it have been hacked by russia, china, anybody? >> probably one of the things that was most beneficial is fact that it didn't work that well which made it difficult to hack, but the fact that it was using a
9:56 am
standard framework that didn't get changed, most of the nation states they know frameworks and know exploits to the frameworks, so i say the potential is quite high and that's the challenge is you don't know if you didn't design it correctly and you're not monitoring to ensure that it's not occurring. stuart: you got that. alan snyder thanks for offering us your professional understanding of this app, alan, thank you. >> thank you. stuart: democrats say that party -- they are the party of health care, seems though they can't agree on it, even aoc admits bernie sanders might have to scrap, scrap his medicare for all plan. get ready for another major political clash coming down next week, two high-profile presidential appearances, another democrat caucus and another democrat debate, that's the theme of my take top at the 11:00 o'clock hour, more varney after this.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: now ten o'clock, that
10:00 am
would be about 15 seconds, we get a reading on consumer sentiment, that's a very important reading but the way consumers feel after 70% of their economy, how their trend of feelings are that can have a difference in the economy and the market, here we go, 10:00 o'clock eastern time, just hit on the button, waiting for the number. it's not the number i want it's really the trend, we have a strong trend upwards in consumer confidence, what are we going up to today? ashley: above, nicely ahead of what we were looking for in january it was 99.8, 99.3 in december, if you're looking for a trend, it's going up. 1.9 is a very strong number. consumers are feeling good and if they will spend, that's great for the economy, 70% of the american economy is based on consumer. stuart: another reading which i don't think is that important for the economy and the markets,
10:01 am
that's the latest read on business inventories, have you gotten the numbers? lauren: so do businesses feel confident enough to stock their shelves, this is the number that does go into gdp and fell back in the prior month big time, so this is actually a more positive report. >> i don't think that's had much impact on the market, maybe consumer sentiment, strong read asking good for the market, it's not had that big impact right now the dow industrials are still down 16, 17 points. now this. health care, supposed to be the democrats' strongest issue, the one that put them back in the white house, hold on a moment, it might not be. one big union is calling out bernie sanders for medicare proposal. the workers in las vegas, that's where the next debate and the next caucus will be held, they object to bernie's medicare for all proposal, you see, bernie's plan wipes out the health benefits which that union has
10:02 am
been fighting for for years, so this is a big and important union saying, no, to the democrat front runner over health. same with elizabeth warren, she started to fade the moment she revealed the medicare for all plan would end all private health insurance, she was the front runner but she was tripped up by what was supposed to be a winning issue, health care. the rest of the pack will soon come under much greater healthcare scrutiny, all favor much larger government role and much higher taxes to pay for it. taxing the rich won't bring enough money, they'll have to reach down into the middle class to grab some of their money and do we really need more turmoil in health care? and it has to be said, no democrat has a plan to reduce medical costs and that is the basic problem. it's 262 days until the election, my prediction health care is not the winning issue the democrats thought it would
10:03 am
be, here the my question, what else do they have? let's get straight at it, tammy bruce is with us, fox news contributor and host of get tammy bruce on fox nation, very important. i have to see that. >> thank you, you. get the real thing right here before you go. stuart: the real thing. [laughter] stuart: well, what do you think? i'm saying, look; i don't think that the health care is the winning issue for democrats than they thought it was. >> it shouldn't be, isn't it ironic that they want to return to this framework thinking that that's what they are going to be able to deliver, they offer things also which never really materialized. stuart: i missed out aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez, she's now telling bernie sanders, i will read this, a president can't wave a magic up and down and pass any legislation they want, worst case scenario, we compromise deeply and we understood getting a public
10:04 am
option. so she's saying back off medicare for all because it won't win. >> well, she should send some royalty money over to barack obama with the magic wand kind of accusation, look, we are looking at what the left normally does, argue for big things, they move four steps forward getting the conversation and national conscientious and then they figure they'll move back 2 steps, they move it forward in public consciousness, the fact of the matter is as we saw with iowa, this is a group of people, government, certainly the democrats in particular who couldn't run an iowa caucus and they want to control your health care that was not just a joke after this debacle in iowa, it was a real concern, there's all these ideas, they have no idea how to implement them and they have no idea, look, this is where the republicans must come in, the president must realize this is their opportunity to remind people about the free market, control of your own
10:05 am
health care that the government will destroy your life, that when they say the government is here to help as president reagan noted, that's the thing to be afraid of and this is what the republicans must do as we move forward. >> why did you write in your article february is the month which will market the reelection of donald trump? >> it was the perfect storm, things came together completely, you had everything ranging from the iowa debackable. great state of the union address, the economy is still was moving forward, you have theover problems, of course, with the democrats and their candidacies in general, general chaos, then you also have interestingly the collapse of the oscar ratings down 20% and in 30% in the demo, even the emmy's were last 30%, my contention is politics and culture that the american people realized that they need to completely reject the status quo, they don't want what has
10:06 am
happened before, watching in the equipal with -- acquittal with the president and the americans are looking more closely and they don't like what the democrats, all the things coming together, this was the first step into the future and if president trump and this is where it's an opportunity, not just to beat the democrats but to move the issues forward for the american people. stuart: oscar ratings has election indicater. >> part of the mosaic. stuart: very good. staying on democrats, our next guest say it's good for the markets, i'm not used to hear dabble in politics. joel, make your case.
10:07 am
>> good morning. when you look at two leading candidates which would have been warren and biden, both running high 20's and low 30's, you know, the market was -- was a little bit in chaos and then we have seen since that time two or three particular weeks appear that the democrats were strengthening and that there was galvanization around two candidates, particularly with warren it was bad for the markets; since that time since we have seen disarray, strong for the markets, so there seems to be a negative correlation between strength in the democrats and the markets going down, weakness in the markets going up. we go back week by week, you're monitoring every single thing, the worst week by the way when they appeared back in august and actually it was more september late september where every single poll that came out said
10:08 am
that every democrat was going to trump the markets, the markets like certainty and whether you're prodemocrat, prorepublican, the fact that you have an incumbent go into the office, people know what to expect, reduces risk and markets like that, markets like little risk, little surprise. stuart: politics is not for you but i wonder if roku is a company that you follow because they just added 4.6 million users in the fourth quarter after the launch of disney and apple streaming. look, the stock is up very nicely, would you call the streaming stock, is it an entrepreneurial company that you like. >> since inception up almost 900%, it's up around 6 to 10% this morning. it's up just in the last year it's gone from little under 50 like 45 to 150 or whatever it is now. so it's up 200%, this is the streaming company. all the other competitors you'll
10:09 am
favor their own services, the market like it is stock, we love the stock for that reason. stuart: i'm sorry, i didn't let you finish there, i had someone talking in my ear. >> the growing revenues, they are -- you know, customers, it's going profits; i mean, they are helping with the margins, this is a stock that's improving over time. stuart: i should have got into it, joel, thank you very much, indeed, we will see you again soon, thank you. in our next hour; by the way, presidential candidate tulsi gabbard is on the show, why is she still in the race i will ask her. tesla unveiling the cyber truck, one for the history books, who can forget it, watch this. >> well, maybe that was a little too hard. [laughter] stuart: yeah, okay.
10:10 am
[laughter] stuart: next i'm talking to a ceo of the company that sells electric pickup truck, how do they plan to compete with tesla, yes, it's valentine's day and we are asking if question would you date someone who is your political opposite. one study says that 72% of women will not date their political opposite, how about that? more varney after this.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
breaking news on a number of states have rejected a number from drug guys to settle opioid crisis. ashley: they offered $18 billion and states rejected, not enough. we are talking about the drug
10:14 am
wholesalers, trying to get this thing, you know, accused of their role follow -- in the opioid crisis and the state would like to see 22 to $32 billion before they even think about settling, 18 they say is too low and these talks that have been going on since last october go on. stuart: i'm sure they will go on. tesla, changing tune on coronavirus. lauren: $801. so at first he said we might have to delay production in china by a week, week and a half, in financial filing that the virus might have material adverse effect on the stock, that's part one of the story. part 2, we don't need to raise money and now you have the secondary stock offering at $767 which is a 5% discount from the
10:15 am
prior close and that would raise $2 billion. stuart: $267 per share, that's what he's going to sell it at and bring the money, okay, let's get back to tesla because ceo of nikola motors, rival to tesla, based in arizona, welcome to the program, good to see you, it seems to me that tesla is running away with the electric market, why are you -- now you're trying to compete with them. this is tough road for you, isn't it? >> now, tesla is doing really well actually right now which is kind of cool, the automotive world is in tens of millions of cars if you think about it around the world, so they are just a sliver of the entire market and it's really to get people a totally different assisting market, totally different portfolio than what tesla really covers. stuart: so you have an electric truck, it's not on the road i take it?
10:16 am
>> so we have the niko badger, we announced 2 weeks ago and essentially a world-class leader in every category and will be shown september of this year. stuart: are you making the whole machine, i mean, the frame, the chasse and everything, where do you get the money to produce a car like that, that kind of operation? >> yeah, there's a lot of money that goes into it, we are building frit the ground up, i will say we are probably one of the only companies besides tesla that does everything ourselves, we do our own batteries and frames and vehicles from the ground up, inverters, the cool screens. ultimately the entire truck from the ground up is done by nikola, so hey, who cares will spend a hundred millions on a truck program. stuart: nikola motors, that's a play on tesla, tesla was a real person and first name nikora,
10:17 am
you've playing off of the tesla fame are you? >> nikola tesla serving croatian , tribute to him, has nothing to do tesla. nikola is people's hero. stuart: so far; electric vehicles are not really taking off, and we have very cheap gas and i pay 2.30 a gallon in new jersey, when is the takeoff going to come with gases so cheap? >> 2 points, one most electric vehicles have been ugly an that's one of the reasons why nikola is, we built a truck that's gorgeous, better looking than the new silverados, new -- stuart: you are saying on the way the thing looks?
10:18 am
>> that's just one part. fantastic when it comes to availability but you can do give performance. >> did you tell me you have 20 to $30 billion of advanced orders for your -- >> that's what we are -- stuart: probably looking at. [laughter] stuart: you don't have the numbers now do you? >> we are not allowing people to make reservations, hey, i want to pick one up. so what that means is as soon as we open up the reservation orders we anticipate a number around that area. stuart: what's the price? >> it'll be between 60 and 90k. stuart, this is fascinating, i'm not antithe electric vehicle market, i'm just waiting for it
10:19 am
to take off, a pleasure to have you on, come back again and give us an update, we like that. >> sounds good. stuart: check that market, still a go nowhere friday, ever so slightly lower for the dow ever so slightly higher for the year, nasdaq and s&p, look at microsoft and amazon, federal judge ordered the pentagon to stop work on the cloud contract for the pentagon, that gave amazon a win and overturn award which went to their rival microsoft. microsoft down down to 183 day. bankruptcies increased, moving up to 8-year high, what's up with that? american farm bureau president is coming up next i want him to explain it. uber thinking about adding toll free number so you can call on the phone to get a car. i want it. [laughter]
10:20 am
>> i will tell you all about it after this. how strong you are. how brilliant... unique... how you're... my rock. my diamond. for the diamond in your life,
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10:24 am
package, will come out some time in september. stuart: you heard it right there, larry kudlow, he did say tax cuts 2.0 are coming; by the way, vice president pence confirmed that on our show last week. more tax cuts tune in tonight for maria's interview on "wall street week", that is 8:00 p.m. eastern time. tonight. now, this uber, they are test out the new way of ordering a ride, i love to hear this. >> stuart, instead of using app to call for the ride you use your phone to actually place a phone call to a toll free number, uber set up the number, testing it out in arizona, you call 1833-use-uber an text you that your ride is on the way and they will text you a receipt. this is a way for uber to expand customer base to say, elderly
10:25 am
people who don't know how to use a smartphone or don't have a smartphone, uber's push for profitability because right now ride-share services like uber and lyft aren't profitable. stuart: you do real that i'm an elderly person that doesn't know how to use smartphone properly, you do know that, don't you? >> i wasn't going to say it. stuart: my guy that was very good; thank you very much, indeed. now this, attorney general bill barr says the president should stop tweeting about the justice department, he says the tweet, quote, make it impossible for him to do his job, steve hilton will talk about that and he's on the show in the next hour, china phase 1 start today; you know that, will china keep its promise and buy u.s. more farm goods now that the virus is hurting their economy, tom bureau president steven duval is up next.
10:26 am
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i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better. >> oh dear, that's going back too far. ♪ ♪ stuart: i don't think that was ever released in playing record. john lennon. ashley: way back when. happy valentine's day. stuart: prince harry and his wife meghan fired entire uk
10:30 am
staff. ashley: they are out of there, see you later, apparently told the people that work in their office, inside buckingham palace, 15 of the staffers, they are trying to fine more alternatives jobs; they were informed about it last month, they knew it was coming, we are out of here off to canada and who knows where after that. they have cut their ties. stuart: how do you feel about that? ashley: it doesn't sit well. stuart: it won't work well for him. that's just my opinion. hold up, hold up, we have presidential tweets. here we go. i was very surprised and disappointed that senator joe manchin of west virginia voted against me on the democrats totally partisan impeachment hoax, no president has done more for the great west virginia than
10:31 am
me, pensions and that will always continue. every republican senator except romney, many highly religious people, all very smart voted against the impeachment hoax, senator cavuto, all in, great person, i was told that manchin was just a puppet for schumer and pelosi, that's what he is. 95% approval rating in the republican party, thank you, 95% approval rating in the republican party, thank you. i think we got that twice on the screen right there but nonetheless, he's going after joe manchin isn't he? there you have it. no market reaction on what the president just tweeted, we are down a fraction on the dow, up a little on the nasdaq, little up on the s&p. okay, check expedia, they are hoping for a big 2020 despite the virus and the stock is up 10 bucks, nearly 10%, trip adviser they are forecasting, the stock
10:32 am
is at 29, cut their price target to 37, now 29, you got all of that, basically they said, look, experiences are joining to outpace hotel, that's big for trip adviser. >> that's where the growth is. stuart: looks like it, smile direct club, down 11%, report from nbc reveal that customers were having problems with their products, down 11% at $13 a share, how about this from the farm; this was a surprise to me, bankruptcies increased 20% last year reaching 8-year high, 595 chapter 12 bankruptcies by family farms, ouch. american farm bureau president joins us now. good to see you, sir. can you explain this?
10:33 am
i thought farmers were doing okay. >> it's been a very difficult time, it's been down 6 years now and we had natural disasters and then you piled trade war on top of it and more than farm families can happen. stuart: you have to say things have turned around with new china trade deal and new nafta? >> it'll take time to those to take place. stuart: when i know we hear that family farms; over 500 of them are going bankrupt is not something that we really like to hear. >> we don't, we think about what food means to us each and every day, it's really a shocking number and -- and we are hoping that all the trade deals that the president has been successful on and as they get rolling in, markets will move and our farmers will get back on
10:34 am
their feets -- feet. stuart: let me bring it up to speed right now, this is the day when china phase 1 deal goes into effect and also the day when the virus is clearly hurting china's economy, so do you think they'll be some interruption of the flow of american farm products to china because of the virus? >> well, first our thoughts on the chinese people and my heart goes out to them and we hope that they can find a solution to the virus real fast, but, yes, we know that we are going to have to be patient with this agreement and we do think that it will delay it some but just this week the minister of agriculture in china said they would live up to their commitments, we are looking forward to shipping those commodities to china as soon as they open up and ready for them. stuart: i have to say, sir, i'm kind of disappointed, you know, i'm big on farming, i'm a tree farmer myself, i want to hear
10:35 am
that the industry, the farming industry is doing really well and coming back from a setback, you don't sound like we are really in that great shape. >> well, we need certainty in the market and make sure marketplaces open up, if you put us up on level playing field we can compete with anybody in the world. our farmers are the best in the world. all we need is open markets. stuart: don't you that with usmca, brighter future because of that and brighter future because of china? >> you're exactly is right, it'll take time for the trade agreements to move the markets. stuart: forgive me for asking one last question, you go by the name of zippy, would you tell me where that comes from or what the first name really is? >> my real name is vincent merrill duval. my mother's second child first c-section, they claimed they were going to put a liver in my
10:36 am
mother's stomach. [laughter] >> that's the most asked question to me. stuart: really? you're on live television, a couple million viewers here, very interesting answer. zippy duval, jeez. zippy, you're all right. >> thank you. stuart: let's get serious update on the virus, death tolls rising, give me the numbers? >> yeah, most recently 5,090 new corona cases, so by the way, i think you mentioned this earlier, stu, 1700 medical workers have been infected, 6 of whom who have also died, the number of of deaths, 1384 deaths, 33 have been outside of mainland china, hong kong,
10:37 am
singapore and japan but there was a worrying comment from cdc saying they believe this could be around for another year and that this could go on and on as they learn more, more about how the virus actually is passed on from person to person. stuart: seriousness goes up. ashley: yes. stuart: another tweet coming from the president. here we go. it is happening again to crazy bernie, just like last time, only far more obvious. they are taking the democrat nomination away from him and very little he can do. a rigged system. the twitter account has been fired up this morning; ladies and gentlemen, now the president is commenting on bernie. a lot of mainstream media people dislike president trump you know that, they have nothing good to say about him, it turns out they also don't have much good to say about bernie sanders and it's making people vote -- is it, i don't know about that. it's making people vote for him,
10:38 am
i'm not sure about that, more varney after this. sfx: [sneezing] i am not for ignoring the first sign of a cold. i am for shortening my cold, with zicam! zicam is completely different.
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>> ongoing feeling among women especially clinton supporters that bernie bros are called, they have bullying tactics. >> sexism going on. >> the reason i went for bernie is because of msnbc. bernie cynicism that i heard from a lot of people, i look at
10:42 am
msnbc constantly, i heard from this a number of commentators. bernie has my vote. stuart: i think it's time we brought in media reporter for the hill joe, i say the media does not like bernie sanders. >> and he has said that this will put the democrat party and guaranties, this looks like a lot of 2016 doesn't it, you have a candidate being dismissed and bernie sanders and supporter being dismissed calling -- chuck
10:43 am
todd called the brown shirt brigade. brown shirt, that's in reference to the holocaust. this is what happens when the people see media pressing for one candidate, trying to bring down another, that happened to donald trump in 2016, the clinton campaign called trump supporters deplorables and we saw from there and that was the turning point in the campaign the energy behind donald trump because people felt like underdogs and is happening with bernie supporters, the same thing that's happening in 2016 is happening by the media and by the democratic establishment. stuart: yes, i think you are precisely right. back in the campaign '16 where hillary clinton did the deplorables speech, i thought she would talk about people like me and other supporters, people being looked down on and dismissed and tole we were bigoted and stupid and the reaction is no, i'm not, that's
10:44 am
exactly the parallel that we have going on. but i don't think it'll work in quite the same way, i don't think that many people will go over to bernie's side, do you? >> not from the trump side, the loyalty towards the president is something that we have never seen before 90 to 95%, it's not like trump supporters will go to bernie, follow the short-term do supportersio say, joe biden, now that he he's done, i will say he's done, do they go to bernie or does elizabeth warren because she's done as well do her supporters go to bernie as a result of feeling that i can their underdogs, like they are not being heard, we will see, but, then again in the end if this whole election comes down to bernie sanders and socialism and donald trump and capitalism, that's a pretty easy bumper sticker for president to run on and given his record as well in terms of the economy, in terms of peace abroad, i don't think it would be hard to beat
10:45 am
particularly if bernie sanders is nominee in the democratic side. stuart: joe, you cover the media and i'm sure you saw this the antiflorida guy accused plowing car in gop supporters, the media barely covered it, nbc gave it 25 second, i was surprised because that was a violent act against trump supporters? >> should have been the lead story on every major news outlet that night because i know this, that if a guy with a maga hat, stuart, decided to take his truck and run into a tent of supporters that were supporting elizabeth warren or bernie sanders or pete buttigieg, i can guaranty you 24 news -- 24/7 news, 25 and 26 hours of the day for amount of coverage and by the way most self-righteous pointing the finger at president trump saying, this is the culture you created, you should
10:46 am
answer for this, but instead we got headlines like from politico which is just remarkable that said, republicans, quotes, revenge at ballot box. can you believe that? that was chairman of the county party and what he was saying was and this is the exact quote, is that we will go back to the ballot box, okay, because that's where victory will be made, righteous peaceful victory november for president trump and all republican candidates instead painted as revenge as trump supporters and bad people -- stuart: we are losing the signal there, but we get the point. joe; thanks for joining us, very good stuff. 100% you're right, check the market; still go no-can friday as 3-day weekend, how about pinterest, they are -- pinterest -- i can't see it.
10:47 am
what is it, i have no idea, i'm sure it's down because facebook has released a similar act to what pinterest does. copycat. courts in rule that apple must pay workers in their stores for the time they spend getting their personal bags checked when they leave from security. ashley: all the way back to 2013, can be on the hook for millions of dollars of retroactive. it takes forever, i have my bags and go through security checks after i clock out and so they went to court, it was dismissed at the lower level but the supreme court took it up and said, you know what, you have a case, apple makes you wear apple clothing so you probably have to have a bag to bring in to bring street clothes and time that needs to be spent especially going through rigorous security features so judge said you have a good case and i will side with
10:48 am
the employees. stuart: i would say that's a fair case, technical but -- ashley: i know. stuart: we have pinterest back for what it's worth. we got it, show it to me. there you go. pinterest, it's up now. facebook -- flat. you're quite right young man. facebook introduced a very similar working app to pinterest. got it. we have been asking our viewers if they would ever date or marry someone outside of their own political affiliation. one viewer responded, i would never date someone outside of my political views, hardly enough to tolerate family members. [laughter] stuart: we will have more on politics and love with lauren after this.
10:49 am
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stuart: yes, it is valentine's day and i'm told that a lot of people look for love online. [laughter] stuart: lauren, tell me. lauren: people are putting on top of dating profile politics,
10:53 am
listen. >> came out with the research that 50% of their users have used the word trump at least once in their profile eharmony has 10 million users, 5 million users, for him or against him and that helps determine who you are against. 7 and 10 women will not date someone who has different politics than they do and if that someone doesn't vote, they view that as a negative. now if you're a moderate, don't say you're a moderate because then you are deemed republican. stuart: i personally thing that love transcends politics, that's my personal opinion. [laughter] stuart: let's move onto bring in
10:54 am reporter, tell us, what did you find? >> i did. asking students if they would date someone with opposite political views and the key take away isn't so much that they said no, it was the reason why. so a lot of students said that they wouldn't vote trump positiverrers -- supporters and they said of extreme vitriol bringing in speakers. stuart: hold on a second. i want to get to the sound bite, the tape that you brought with you, roll it, please. >> i feel like if they were a trump supporter i don't think i can date them because i feel in my opinion that shows a little bit about their character. >> the fact that you would support someone like that means
10:55 am
that you probably would not agree with my morals and like my values and my ideals. >> honestly, it's not a question about the end of politics but how they approach human problems. >> and if you're someone who say, you should put small children in cages, i don't think that's a good idea. stuart: oh boy, they don't like trump, do they? >> no; to be fair, you find a lot of conservatives that say they wouldn't want to date someone with different views either. i wouldn't date a socialist; she probably want all the free stuff and expect me to pay for it. [laughter] stuart: that was very good, young man, keep going. >> thank you. but, look, i think that behavior is fine, it's normal, most americans want to find someone who shares their political views but what isn't fun and goes to extreme that i think was depicted in my video when people make assumptions about someone's character and about their heart without getting them a chance, without getting to know them. another area that we see,
10:56 am
political leaders go into this, the viewers will remember 4 years ago with hillary clinton referring to trump supporters as deplorables, you know, more recently mayor pete buttigieg; people who vote for trump turn backs on racism. this isn't helpful to polarization that we are seeing in the country. political divide and makes course difficult. stuart: shoe does, eduardo, thank you, that was a very good tape. >> thanks for having me. stuart: democrat presidential candidate tulsi gabbard is on the show, she didn't get a lot of support in iowa or new hampshire, why is she still running? i will ask her that question. and you are going to see the president in reelection campaign next week, he's going to daytona 500 sunday, on thursday he goes to las vegas for a hope for president event, democrats will continue to squabble among themselves, my take on that is next.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
get ready for another major league's political crash. it's all coming down next week. too high profile presidential appearances another democratic caucus and another democratic debate. this one may include michael bloomberg. you've got to see the president further defining his reelection campaign while his opponent squabble amongst themselves. he's going to the daytona 500, it's a big deal. massive and friendly crowd there. they like engines, gasoline, power and speed daytona and the president will revel in it. that's his turf. the democrats are supposed to be the blue colors but the elites rarely show up at daytona. thursday, the president goes to las vegas. he will attend the graduation,
11:01 am
hope the prisoners. they help inmates reenter society. first, outreach, second, he's going right at the democrats. just like you want right at them the big rally in new hampshire on the eve of the primary. it's aggressive politics. the democrats will be in las vegas next week. they debate on wednesday. the president arrives thursday. no doubt to pass judgment on them. the president is salvaging himself right in the middle of what should be a democrat stage. better yet, it's very likely michael bloomberg will be in the debate making his first appearance. no matter what he says, the president will surely have a comment and steal the headline. she what's going on? democrats will be thrashing around, criticizing each other
11:02 am
and in walked the president. sharpening his campaign, dominating the news cycle and overshadowing the people who want to replace him. keep it here because we are going to cover it all. can't miss television. i believe steve helton is with us. are you there? >> i'm here. >> what you say? next week the president dominates and etches the democrats out? >> i'd like to pick up in a couple of things. one is tactical, on a strategical. on the tactical front, there's an important phrase you used their about the president sharpening his political skills. that's interesting. normally, in an auction we've got an incumbent president who's going to be the nominee for sure and you've got the other party in the primary, actually during the course of the primary, the nominee with political practice and has to be getting ready for
11:03 am
the november election. usually they don't do need to that. president trump is joining, he's been browsing the whole time. he's going to be as ready as anyone by the time he gets to the election. the strategic side, the aspect of the blue-collar version about the president has completely went over. what he's doing, i don't think is appreciated enough. he's repositioned the republican party and conservative ideology because traditional conservative ideas and combining them with new more popular once. await of summarizing, his pro-business tax and regulation but pro- worker on trade and immigration. that combination is with the powerful. >> it is a winning combination. i do want to get to attorney
11:04 am
general bill barr on this tweeting problem. he says the president's tweets are making it difficult. watch this. >> i think it's time to stop tweeting, to have public statements and tweets made about the department make it impossible for me to do my job. >> hold on the second. the white house response to th that, the president wasn't bothered by the comments at all and he asked the right to publicly offer his opinions. president trump uses social media effectively to fight for the american people against injustice in the america. attorney general far do your job and hold your spot. >> this has been done very well. the key points is the substance here. the president was right in pointing out that. not just about sentencing recommendation but the whole process. including the trial itself.
11:05 am
bill barr was within his rights to say i'm being independent here. even though you didn't interfe interfere, he had no conversations with the president about this or any other criminal case. for substance, there's no problem. what they've done now eloquent eloquently, it perhaps wouldn't be lawful for him to come in that way. they agree and move on. >> we have trump on the show yesterday, this is her father-in-law. >> absolutely not. that's his direct contact with people all across the world. you know through the media filter, sometimes i know it's hard to believe but they try to change things. i should direct things.
11:06 am
>> rains in her father-in-law's tweeting. no, don't even think about it. >> i think that's right. the big points is what she said there, incredibly powerful way for the whole world to know what's going on, not just for political purposes but policy purposes, i've been in this situation, you're in the middle of a government there we've got people around you trying to block and frustrate what you're trying to do. that is typical when you've got the bureaucracy trying to get in. president trump is using that to go around and say no, this is the policy. i'm in charge here. this is what we are doing. it's very effective. >> as you know, we've been talking about the tax exodus. i know you live in california, it's not the wealthiest zip code in america.
11:07 am
are your neighbor starting to flee? [laughter] >> the interesting thing, not yet. new houses are still going up. some of the people are so rich, they can get whatever they want and they still wouldn't be affected. the interesting thing is around here, a lot of people, especially in california generally, a lot of times there's interesting things going on for people come up to me and say i dare not say this out loud but i love your show. support president trump. what's happening more and more, it's a growing movement. >> i never think in my lifetime republican elected statewide office in california. you agree? >> no. i don't. i think we can make it happen. >> try real hard please. you are all right.
11:08 am
sundays 9:00 p.m. eastern time, the next one with steve on fox news. thanks for being with us. one stock is worth a look here. roku. it's up 3%. they added 4.6 million users in the fourth quarter. disney and apple streaming services which helps roku because that's the box that brings everything together. revenue jumped. locking off me because i'm trying to make sense of roku. i see a little box that. stuff going in and stuff going out. >> a lot of content if you are watching it with roku. netflix, they released a new trailer of "stranger things". currently getting fans excited. i've not watched back yet. how much of a trailer.
11:09 am
>> only three people on planet earth that don't want to. sorry. >> netflix up 384. >> i hear it's popular. >> president trump's officials in d.c., border patrol council will be in the room for the president and he's on the shore show today. the immigration meeting. we are talking about california, larry elder has a new video that takes on those hollywood and coastal elites. they love to hate our president. my question is, why? why did they do it? will have an answer. we also talked to chelsea gabbert about 2020. she's not doing so well in the polls.
11:10 am
why she still running? i'm asking her that. ♪
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
joe biden not getting luck in new york. he was heckled while in new york recently. what happened? >> a small group of protesters said this. [chanting] go home early! >> drunk words. this is a group called new york communities for change, they are fighting corporate powers, fighting with occult racist. >> they are on the left. >> i don't like mr. biden. >> got it.
11:14 am
nevada caucuses saturday, south carolina right after. president took him but it candidate chelsea gabbert is here. thanks for being with us today. you don't have much in iowa or new hampshire. real low in the balls and i don't think you've got any delegates for the convention. i'm sorry to ask this but why are you still running? >> voters in both iowa and new hampshire and across the country haven't had a chance to hear my message or to learn about the background and experience i bring to service commander-in-chief because there's been an almost media blackout of my campaign since the day i started running for president. look at the comparison, i've had one nationally televised town hall. people judge has had 11 nationally televised town halls. there's been challenges but we are still here and still
11:15 am
fighting and bringing the message of the change here. >> can you just give me 30 seconds and summarize your position? why are you running? what you want? >> the questions that south carolina voters have before them and voters across the country is, do they want to keep seeing their hard earned taxpayer dollars going to wage wasteful regime change wars, new cold war, all of which do not make us any safer or do they want to see our taxpayer dollars going toward serving their needs? the needs of the people in our communities at home? like healthcare, education, clean water, basic infrastructure needs. i bring the experience this for almost 17 years. twice in the middle east as well as my service in congress, i've
11:16 am
been going on eight years. very focused on national security and foreign policy to the presidency. commander-in-chief and bring these photos values of honor and respect, integrity and service to the white house. >> i'm wanting to listen to what andrew king said about president trump when he dropped out of the race. listen to this. >> i hope this campaign can be a message and word of caution and guidance that might democratic colleagues, donald trump is not the cause of all of our problems. we must address the real problems that affect our people and offer solutions and follow them. >> told me, he just said i'm sure you heard it, trump is not the cause of all of our problems. the only unity in the democratic party, is hating trump. >> here's what i'm bringing to voters. republican democrats,
11:17 am
independents here in south carolina all of who can vote in the primary here february 29 is that i'm the candidate that's bringing this unifying message, it's not based on eight four trump or the other party or any one group or another but it's building this coalition centered around love of country. a recognition that when we treat each other with respect, as americans bringing our different ideas and perspectives to the forefront to solve these problems and bring about this systemic change, then we can accomplish anything. we can heal the device in this country and we can stand together and move forward together toward that bright future. >> that message is not working for you. you can say you've been excluded from the media and that's the reason the message isn't getting through but you've been running
11:18 am
for many months now and the message i don't think is getting through or it's working. i'll give a last word to you. >> absolutely. what we are seeing is when people hear this message, when i'm able to get in front of people in person or on television on shows like yours and others, our support belts and gross we are continuing to statements campaign, continue to reach out directly to voters, inviting them to come and join our people powers movement and inviting others if you like the message i'm delivering, go to toasty, page. >> thank you for being on the program today. we appreciate it. we'll see you soon. went to move away from politics and get to the markets. look at expedia. very nice. they are up 11%. $122 a share. are they up? they are expecting a big 2020 despite the coronavirus fears. up 11%.
11:19 am
authorities year% jump in data center sales, they do say the virus could hurt their first-quarter numbers but they are still up $23. $300 a share and a% gain as of today. we really are about dollar signs on this program. we've got to get down to miami and show you some boats. we'll tell you how much we've got. we're going to take you inside. will be back. ♪
11:20 am
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11:23 am
why the miami show is going to show a luxury one, cheryl, i know you're there. show me your kitchen. >> let's take you inside the kitchen by the way, 80-foot long, take a look at what they've done here. (you see in people home, that's the kitchen and bathroom. in living room. so the chef is in the galley but they are serving everyone. that's incredible.
11:24 am
now to the state room, i'll take you below deck. you can see four different state rooms of the master bathroom, the bedroom is included incredible. this thing is fast. the sundeck, on the top of the koran, he got 360-degree views and 96-foot, it's incredibly tall. again, the price tag $6 million and i want to come back out here because this is something i've never seen before on any catamaran. this is the back deck and it will lower me down into the water right now. i'm hoping they don't put me in the water but it is like television. anything is possible. i don't know. i'll send it back to you and fingers crossed i don't go for a swim right now. i'm safe. >> i like that feature. going down toward the water. someone like me who's not great
11:25 am
in the water, i appreciate that. i was all right. i like it. back to your money. rocket money. we have to dow industrial down, s&p and nasdaq up. coming up, marketwatch, the election is starting to affect your money. so who's better than the market? the president or bernie sanders? can you guess? we will ask the question. top border patrol officials at the white house later. national border patrol council kind of guy, he will be in that room in the white house. i want to know what's on the table. we'll be back. ♪
11:26 am
11:27 am
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11:29 am
bernie sanders is about to hold a rally in north carolina. can't really judge from a few hundred people as opposed to thousand. when he speaks, he makes headlines, you will see it right here grow fast. quick check of the market, down ten up though slightly on the
11:30 am
nasdaq and s&p. along holiday weekend approaches. come on in, brian nick. investment strategist. welcome back. we always talk about the stock market and projects. what happens to the market? >> want to turn it around, what happens if donald trump is reelected? >> let's went happening, the markets been throwing up. digging through why this might be the case, he look at political markets which is not normally the type of market i look at. as senator sanders chances of winning are rising, so have president trump's chances of reelection. the market is thinking is a relatively easy target. the better he's done, hire trump's reelection probability has become. there's some risk and that obviously if you're putting this is going to be the easiest possible opponent but it doesn't
11:31 am
necessarily play out that way. >> is tell you what the market wants donald trump to be reelected. >> i think bernie sanders would agree with that. the market would want him as a candidate. how much of this agenda he's proposing, another guy proposing would be there? if the senate and filibuster so it's possible any other democratic candidates might actually end up with a similar agenda they contest. they may not be as much differentiation in terms of what they do in office. >> all the democrats, i'm not saying radical plans but they are all planning to do taxation increases, regulation increases, some form of green new deal. i don't think they would get that in congress. the risk of them winning is very limited. the risk of them taking the
11:32 am
house and taking this on it, that's very limited. seems like it to me. >> because that risk is relatively limited, market moves that are wild based on changes in the pole into the nominee might be overdone. they teamed we tend to be on the other side. if struggled as some of these proposed relatively major shifts to the healthcare. we don't think i will actually be. >> on the election day, the day after election day, if trump wins, would you expect the market to go up? >> i would expect the market to go up, and 2016, generally talking results, it's typically not what happens. we typically no what the outcome might be and there isn't a shock result the other way. >> you are expecting the market to go up if it looks like the
11:33 am
president is going to win and he does. you would expect the market to go up. >> out expect the market to prefer lower taxes and less regulation which is not trump is delivering. >> if it looks like the president is going to win in november and he does actually win in november, while the market go up? >> now from here necessarily because his odds of winning have already gone up significantly. >> if it looks like bernie sanders is going to win and he doesn't win the election, does the market go down? >> out expect volatility yes. >> is not a guess? >> yes. doesn't necessarily mean it would be right to vote on. we might be on the other side, the market is hundred and 10%. >> i don't care which side of the trade you are on. thank you, brian.
11:34 am
there's a meeting on immigration, the white house with president trump, let's bring in border patrol council, brenden died. i know you are going to be in the room in the meeting, what's it about? >> president trump will outline to the families exactly what he's doing to secure thought border for the state security of the american public. he talked about what he's doing on the border directly affects the safety of suburban american or children, all the children that are dying because of the opioid crisis taking place. >> he's not going to announce a new policy? >> no. but he's talking to, he values families of law enforcement officers. because he values them so much, he speaking directly to them. this is a great honor for them and it's let them understand that this president really cares about law enforcement and their
11:35 am
family and how they are doing in their life especially because of difficult job we do as law enforcement officers. >> i say border apprehensions go down eight months in a row and i saw 11% drop in december, from december. you have to think of mexicans for this as much as president trump. >> the first thing you have to say is where was congress? wife wasn't congress helping the president elect these policies? in your heart as i for president trump to go into mexico and enact policies with the help of the mexican government in securing our borders. it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have these policies but because of these policies, numbers are dropping exponentially and our borders are becoming more secure. >> i'm sure you saw this but the president's budget $3.8 billion
11:36 am
toward building a wall, that's a win for you guys, isn't it? >> it's a huge win. when i control the border and i have the infrastructure i need, it allows me to dictate where illegal border crossing takes place. when i discussed this at length, as long as we can control where illegal immigration takes place, we can do a lot more and be more successful. >> what you tell our audience you will be on our program bulls and bears later today to talk about what happened to the meeting when you get out. that's with brandon. thanks for being with us. check the mega stocks. microsoft, p.m. stop work on the big contract that microsoft one. must there up a book. amazon on the other side of that contract, they are down just three bucks today.
11:37 am
that's microsoft, a4 amazon. here's the g. google. they are releasing five new games. they launched in november. it's up $1500 a share. a as an apple, they must pay workers at the stores, they get their personal thanks checked when they leave the store. that will cost them a few few million bucks but they got a. they got over hundred billion in cash. next, our california guy but he's on the talk about trump versus the elite. he says yes, they sneer at trump in the camera's but then they asked him for money when the cameras are off. bernie sanders, a little sheepish in a recent flight. why sheepish? perhaps because he is a socialist and in first class. will be back.
11:38 am
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11:41 am
president trump attends a fundraiser tomorrow, probably a billion or and palm beach. i know the tickets are expensive. ashley is going to tell us how much. >> expensive is not doing it just. 586,000 for each couple. very wealthy donors to the campaign. they expect a crowd around 30, that's more than $5 million. so it's going to be held at nelson's, little kase there in the beach, this fundraising has
11:42 am
been absolutely incredible. it's very impressive. 200 million. >> the rnc and the campaign together, a half billion dollars. a lot of it began when the impeachment began. >> almost as much money as bloomberg. our next guest says president trump is smeared at by the elite just like a famous character from a 1980s movie. watch. >> donald trump is like that dangerous character, the elites sneer. they mark, why he tells joe. he wears loud and breaks of how much money he has in his golf game and then when it said and done, they quietly walk over to him and ask to write a check to their favorite charity.
11:43 am
>> is not true? they ask about money when they are not on camera? >> in the video i did on youtube, talk about during the 2016 campaign, founded by stephen moore, the new head was running it, they had a half-hour meeting talking about the political season and whether or not they were going to endorse and that they left and drove trump a writer. trump didn't pay and the next thing they came up against him. i like the guy at the club whose loud, who back slaps and breaks about his money and golf game and then after the 18th hole, they quietly approach him and ask for him to write a check for the favorite charity. >> that's a video i could see on youtube? >> yes. type in my name and it will pop up right away.
11:44 am
>> i don't know whether you saw this or not but i can't picture, i will put on the screen. this is bernie sanders. i think he looks a little sheepish there. i asked why do you look sheepish? the answers well, he's in first class. what you make of that? [laughter] >> how many homes does he have? three bucks the guy is a millionaire. like a lot of socialists, they are pretty hypocritical. he flies first class and on private planes with their carbon footprint. >> look at this. this is elizabeth warren on video getting on the private jet and trying to avoid the camera which he notices. she's walking toward the camera, realizing it's a camera, goes behind one of her aides and stays behind, let's get on the sidelines there. >> can you say hypocrisy?
11:45 am
reminds me of michel moore. $50 million but you look at you straight in the face and tell you he's not in the top 1%. >> let's get serious for a second. candidate bloomberg, he has apologized again for the stop and frisk policy he had, listen to this. >> i defended it and looking back for two phone. i didn't understand then the under attended pain. i heard their pain, the confusion and their anger. i've learned from them and grown from them. i know i can't change history but what i can do is use the lessons by black and brown communities. >> was a second apology. you think he gets much support from the black community? >> he ought to stop apologizing. it was effective in the
11:46 am
beneficiaries were black and brown people living in new york. he is right. 97% of the shooting victims in new york are black and brown. even though there were 2% white, that's why the cops are there. that's where crime is. the publication that covers new york, 66% supported stop and frisk in some form or another. he ought to stop apologizing. when trump takes a position as politically incorrect, he's offended and explains it, at least he respects the fact and students by it. >> i would understand the resentment if people are picked on because of the color of their skin that's in his in the first. i do understand that. that's not what we're doing,
11:47 am
it's called stop question and frisk. supreme court said if they have a reasonable suspicion that somebody is engaging or is about to come they engage in a stop and frisk. that's what the cops were doing. they were not abusing people's civil rights. i'm sure every now and then it happens but for the most part, they are accusing people's civil rights. where's the lawsuit against the nypd? class action lawsuit in the and does, they weren't doing that. bloomberg ought to stop apologizing. >> i do hear your. larry elder, he is the voice of reason. thank you for joining us. >> happy valentine's day. >> we are going to check this
11:48 am
because the organization says chinese market could drop in the first half of this year because of the progress. originally there only expected to present drop, how they think it will be more., unlike dating from a valentine's day, their big day, they are up. we'll deal with that next. ♪ >> valentine's day coming up, with cap a top marketing guy at edible arrangements. they got a ghost pepper strawberry this year. >> we've got to go. ♪
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and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ thank you, you are so kind to get me this, i will if i can do it all at once but happy valentine's day to you.
11:53 am
>> was not from? >> a big box of chocolates, i assumed it was from you. i guess it wasn't. >> there isn't a generous bone in my body. [laughter] on occasion i can be generous. i was earlier this morning. i'm staying on love, valentine's day. edible arrangements. scott is with us. i want to talk about this new think you've got this year, the ghost pepper strawberry. is it hot? >> yes. >> we've got an element team at edible and they monitor culinary trends and listen to social conversations, we are always listening for the next big
11:54 am
thing. we thought about spicy chocolates, we resonated with it. >> poor lauren here we conned into doing this, eat on camera, she needs a glass of water to get over it. is it a big seller? >> this year we launched our burning okay. aaa peppers in the chocolate. the smokiness from the aaa and chocolate, that's what we launched but we got such good feedback, we set how spicy can we go? so we put out a test product with ghost peppers and we've gotten a lot of great feedback about that as well. >> she does like it, really. >> i can't speak anymore. >> i am an admirer, you said
11:55 am
yourself, if you just spend roots, fresh fruit perfectly ripe. >> it is but it's more than that. fresh fruits also chocolate dipped through. we've expanded the business now to all off grab and go items so you can come into a store, even if you procrastinated and need something last-minute, comment and get an arrangement. but you can also get everything from chocolate dipped fruit box to gourmet popcorn to blooms two boxes of chocolates from the chocolate factory who we partner with so a lot of options are. >> how do you manage spoilage? you are delivering fresh fruit that has to be perfectly ripe. it doesn't stay perfectly ripe for very long. >> we can cut everything right before goes out the doors. the peak of freshness, we got our delivery, they immediately
11:56 am
get into the consumer. across from our kitchen to the consumer's hands in a matter of hours. it's always at the peak of freshness. >> are you having a big day today? >> huge. absolutely. we'll do over 700,000 orders for valentine's day this year. 15000 prisoners on any given day. this is the biggest time of year. >> before he leaves, want to thank lauren who still chugging water, actually she has a glass of milk now. >> give it a shot. >> can you believe they tried to make me do that? >> edible arrangements. you are right. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. more including lauren.
11:57 am
11:58 am
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or sending corporate their expense reports. i'll let you in on a little secret. they don't. by empowering employees to manage their own tasks, paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. to learn more, visit asking her, almost forcing her to east ghost pepper chocolate strawberry. i felt so bad because she's sensitive to spice, i thought, i will eat some myself, here it goes, i don't normally eat on camera but i am going to do it. ashley: here we go. lauren: i think that's the first that you're eating on camera. stuart: not bad, no.
12:00 pm
[laughter] ashley: the motor vehicle coming out of the ears. stuart: that's hotter than it's supposed to be for regular customers, i don't mind spice. [laughter] stuart: get me out of this, neil. [laughter] neil: i'm trying to look at your face, any valentine's day italian sausage, no, british show. [laughter] neil: be well, hang in there, bud. thank you, stuart, very much, the world health of international that poll team set to land in china over the weekend, china reporting better than 5,000 new coronaviruses cases, 121 new deaths in the past 24 hours, they say it is still under control but the government reportedly implement ing control, a lot of those measures are already in place in a number of cities and that's raising eyebrows across


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